Lab Members

Bharath Ramesh, Research Scientist (personal website)

Luca Della Vedova, Associate Scientist

Yang Hong, Research Associate

Fabien Colonnier, Research Scientist

Chen Yu, Research Associate

Andrés Camilo Ussa Caycedo, Research Associate

Sumit Bam Shrestha, Research Scientist

Former Lab Members:

Cedric Seah, Adjunct Research Scientist, returning to focus on his main position with ST Engineering

Yongsheng Sang
Visiting Research Scientist, returned to his lecturer position at Sichuan University, China.

Balakrishna Deverakonda, Research Associate. Now working with SINAPSE

Zhen Xie, Visiting Student, obtained his PhD from Zhejiang University of Technology. Now working for Ali-cloud

Rong Xiao, Visiting Student, pursuing her PhD at Sichuan University, China.

Sherine Rose, Research Associate, currently planning her move to New Jersey!

Amirezza YousefsadehVisiting Student, now pursuing his PhD at University of Sevilla, Spain.

Lennart Walger, Intern, continuing studies at Technical University Munich.

Beeren Sahu, Visiting Research Scientist, continuing work at SRM Bangalore.

Satish Vithanala, Visiting Research Scientist, continuing work at SRM Bangalore.

Sharad Sinha, Research Scientist, now at NTU, Singapore (personal website)

Sahar HosseiniVisiting Student, now pursuing her MS at University of Sevilla, Spain.

Daniel CzechVisiting Student, pursuing his PhD at University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Gregory Cohen, Visiting Student, working as a post-doc at Western Sydney University.

David Reverter Valeiras, Visiting Studentobtained his PhD at University Pierre and Marie Curie.

Xavier Lagorce, Visiting Studentworking for Chronocam.

Rohan Ghosh, Intern, pursuing his PhD at National University of Singapore.